October 2nd - November 26th

*Note: NO Lessons on Tue, Oct 31st (Halloween) + Thur, Nov 23rd (Thanksgiving)
Tuesday Lessons will end on Nov 28th; Thursday Lessons will end on Nov 30th

Parent Child

Mondays @ 5:45pm
Tuesdays @ 6:00pm & 6:30pm
Wednesdays @ 5:45pm
Thursdays @ 6:00pm & 6:30pm
Saturdays @ 11:00am & 11:30am
Sundays @ 9:00am  

Learn to Swim

Mondays @ 4:15pm & 6:15pm
Tuesdays @ 6:15pm
Wednesdays @ 4:15pm & 6:15pm
Saturdays @ 9:00am & 10:30am
Sundays @ 9:30am

Progress in Swim

Mondays @ 5:00pm & 6:15pm
Wednesdays @ 5:00pm &6:15pm
Saturdays @ 9:45am
Sundays @ 9:30am

Basic Swim

Mondays @ 7:00pm
Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
Thursdays @ 6:15pm
Saturdays @ 10:30am

Advanced Swim

Mondays @ 7:00pm
Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
Thursdays @ 7:00pm
Saturdays @ 11:15am
Sundays @ 10:15am

Call to Enroll!

Youth Aquatics

Private Lessons

30 or 45 minutes for groups of 1 to 2 60 minutes for groups of 3 to 6 These are for any ages and skill level. Your instructor will work with you on any aspect of swimming on which you wish to focus. Schedules are adaptable to your needs. Packages may be purchased in groups of 5 or 10 lessons.

Group Lessons

Not sure which level your child should be enrolled in? Download our swim lesson identifier for help:
Entrance to the pool is through the locker rooms. Arrangements may be made for a staff member to escort any child through the appropriate room. You may request this at the front desk. There are also private changing stalls located on the pool deck

Parent/Child: 5-36 months with an adult

Introductory water exploration course that combines safety, elementary water skills and fun. While accompanied in the pool by a parent. The child will learn to blow bubbles, glide and kick on stomach, back and side.



Beginner Swim

Introductory level for the very beginners or fearful swimmers. Students not accompanied with a parent or guardian will learn how to be comfortable in the water blowing bubbles as well as submerging. Assisted by a teacher, they will practice floating and gliding on fronts and backs.

Pre Swim 1:

Child must be able to enter/exit pool, blow bubbles and submerge, float and glide on front and back with assistance. They will build upon those skills by adding kicking and alternating arm pulls to their front, back and sides. Treading 30 sec with an IFD

Pre Swim 2:

Building upon the skills in Pre Swim 1, participants will learn symmetrical arm pulls and kicks for front and back. They will build swimming endurance up to 25 yards for each stroke. Treading 1 minute with an IFD, 20-20 sec without.



Intro to Swim

Introductory level for beginners or fearful swimmers. Participants learn how to be comfortable inthe water blowing bubbles and submerging. Assisted by a teacher, they will practice floating and gliding on fronts and backs and treading until they can perform skills on their own. Kicking and alternating arm pulls will be introduced once comfortable in the water. Treading 1 min with an IFD, 20-30 sec without.

Level 1

Building upon skills from Intro to Swim, participants will work on perfecting alternating arm pulls and kicks for front, back and side. They will build endurance up to 25 yards for those strokes. Treading for 1 minute.

Level 2

Building upon skills from Level 1, participants will refine freestyle, back and side stroke. Symmetrical arm pulls and kicks will be introduced to work towards the breaststroke and elementary backstroke. Participants will continue to work on building swimming endurance up to 25 yeards for each stroke. Treading for 2 minutes using varius kicks.

Level 3

Advanced level swimming, participants will work on refining all strokes as they build endurance up to 50 yards of continuous swimming. Flip turns, open turns and pull outs will be introduced along with dolphin kick for butterfly. Treading water for 4 minutes using various kicks.

Pre Swim Team

Advanced level swimming. Participants will work on mastering all 4 competitive strokes in anticipation of joining a USA Swimming, school, or other swim team club/program. They will build endurance to be able to swim up to 100 yards or more continuously. Flip turns, open turns, underwater kicking, and pull outs will be refined. Must have completed Level 3 or equivalent to enroll.
For more information on any lessons, please contact the Aquatics Director Michael Esper.

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